EP108 – Allison Schaaf on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

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In episode #108, Miscarriage Hope Desk Founder, Allison Schaaf, talks about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (October). October 15 in particular is a day where many light a candle in honor of their loss or losses.

This is an important time to honor and recognize loss but it can also be overwhelming and triggering for some to see so much miscarriage-related content everywhere on social media. Be intentional with how much you participate or not.

Follow us on Instagram @miscarriagehopedesk to see the content we’re sharing to honor the month. Here are a few of the events we have planned:

Oct 5: We’ll have an Instagram live interview with Aimee Raupp (@aimeeraupp). You can listen to our podcast interview with Aimee in episode 28, here.

Oct 6: Elise Dean (@elise__dean) will be interviewing Allison on IG live.

More interviews TBD!

Do you have content suggestions or would you like to share your story? If so, reach out- [email protected]

Links in this Episode:

Articles Mentioned:
CoQ10 and Fertility
Fertility Diet: How to Eat for Successful Conception & Pregnancy
13 Ways to Memorialize Your Miscarriage
33 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Miscarriage

Resources to Explore-
(also check out Episode #80 which goes in-depth on the resources offered at Miscarriage Hope Desk)


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