Ep29- Claudia Baumert – The Effects of Nutrient Deficiencies on Fertility and Pregnancy

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In episode #029, Claudia shares her expertise as a nutritionist as well as her personal story of pregnancy loss. Claudia is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist with a functional and integrative approach, and she has so much information to share about the impact of food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies on fertility and pregnancy.

Claudia has experienced two miscarriages herself, and was able to carry a healthy pregnancy to term once she corrected her own nutrient deficiencies. Considering the food we eat is an important and often overlooked part of addressing fertility issues. Food sensitivities can be linked to inflammation and hormone imbalance and nutrient deficiencies should be replenished to optimize the health of a pregnancy. This episode takes a closer look at miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) & nutrition.

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