Ep43- Kim Hooper – Relationships, Pregnancy, and Parenting After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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In episode #043, Kim Hooper shares her personal experiences with recurrent pregnancy loss. Her first loss was an ectopic pregnancy that required emergency surgery and resulted in a loss of a fallopian tube. She then had an early missed miscarriage. Her third pregnancy got to 17 weeks before she lost her son for unknown reasons, and her fourth pregnancy was another ectopic pregnancy that took months to resolve.

Kim’s fifth pregnancy was textbook and resulted in the birth of her daughter in 2017. In this episode, we discuss connecting with your partner after a loss, dealing with the emotions that come with pregnancy after loss, and how anxiety and fear can linger even after having a healthy baby.

Her experiences inspired Kim to write All the Love: Healing Your Heart and Finding Meaning After Pregnancy Loss. Her co-authors are licensed mental health professionals (we spoke with one, Dr. Huong Diep, in last week’s episode). The book is “part memoir, part therapy session” and is meant to support and empower people through miscarriage, stillbirth, and other types of pregnancy loss.

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