EP10- Cory Ruth (Dietitian) – Connections Between Nutrition and Fertility

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Cory Ruth is a registered dietitian and women’s health specialist, and she is the founder of The Women’s Dietitian. As a women’s health expert, Cory works with women to help them understand the powerful connections between their body systems to optimize their health and fertility. Her expertise includes hormone balance and PCOS. In Episode #010, she shares her expertise regarding nutrition and fertility and how to optimize your body for pregnancy. Cory Ruth talks in detail about tracking your cycles, hormone balance, PCOS, MTHFR and more. She also touches on miscarriage and diet and points out that while diet plays a key role in fertility and pregnancy, miscarriage specifically is not typically the direct result of diet or something that was eaten during pregnancy.

There are many different potential causes or underlying conditions contributing to pregnancy loss, but Cory provides evidence-based suggestions regarding nutrition that support the female reproductive systems and hormonal balance.

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