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PRESENT DAY (Life After Recurrent Miscarriage)


story of hope after miscarriage

I first wrote this post during my 3rd trimester! Getting past the stage of being able to technically have a miscarriage felt like a huge milestone. The pregnancy continued to be a combination of joy and excitement coupled with fear and anxiety, but the further along I got, the more I am able to relax into the idea that I am indeed pregnant!  I feel like I finallyenjoyed my pregnancy during the 3rd trimester. I felt good overall, I visibly looked pregnant and while I knew a healthy baby was still not guaranteed, I was also past the point of a miscarriage which felt very significant to me. 

I am not going to write my entire birth story, but it was not as seamless as I had imagined. There was a moment in the delivery room where it hit me that my baby may not make it.  Of course, we ended up with a very healthy baby boy, there were moments during the delivery where I knew a successful outcome was not a given.  

I also want to back track a bit on some history of Miscarriage Hope Desk. This project has been on my heart for a long time. I made the first steps back in the fall of 2019 and the real build out of the company began in early 2020.  My pregnancy with baby #7 was not exactly planned, but it definitely felt like creating this company AND my baby at the same time were meant to be!

Being a mom has been the biggest blessing of my life. My boys are everything to me.  They were worth everything.  I intentionally do not share much about my kids on this platform. I try to strike a balance of providing hope for those of you who are struggling without being triggering.

I am dedicated to creating a resource to help you along your journey, a resource that I was had been available to me, back on traumatic day in the ER experiencing my first of 5 miscarriages.

Another quick note about my present day. This is titled “Life After Recurrent Miscarriage” but I honestly do not know if our family is complete. Moving forward after a history of loss can be very difficult (so much so, that I created the Moving Forward program to help!) and I hope to have more to share with you on this topic as it unfolds. 


What Helped Me

Creating Miscarriage Hope Desk! 

Being able to pour what I’ve learned into Miscarriage Hope Desk has been so rewarding. While my miscarriages were the hardest things I’ve been through in my life, being able to help women going through similar struggles and give back in that way is very fulfilling. I am passionate about providing resources I wish I’d had, including-  well-researched library articles, stories of hope in addition to our podcast content

Entering the 3rd Trimester

I know this is not true for everyone that has experienced miscarriage, but for me, I was able to more fully embrace and enjoy pregnancy during my 3rd trimester.


rainbow baby pregnancy after loss


Finding Community

In creating Miscarriage Hope Desk I have found the community I wish I had throughout my journey! I love connecting with all of you on our Instagram account and in our Facebook group. And have especially enjoyed “meeting” members of my Moving Forward program. 


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