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Struggling with recurrent pregnancy loss? I’ve been there and have created a program I wish I had on day one of my journey.  I want to save you years of time spent going down the wrong path.  This program will launch January 2021.

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Feeling Stuck in a Cycle of Recurring Miscarriage?

You are not alone! You did NOT cause this. You have options for moving forward and there is more than 1 path.  While I can’t tell you which path to choose, I will provide you with the resources to make a decision you can feel confident. I will share with you resources, labs and more that I wish I had access to on day 1 of my journey. I want you to avoid the mistakes I made.  I am providing the resources and by the end of this program. By the end, YOU will have the answers you need to move forward in confidence.

Moving Forward Resource & Community

What You Get

  • What To Expect During a Miscarriage Guide
  • Doctor “Cheat Sheet”
  • Supplement Guide
  • Supplement Tracker
  • Lab Tracker


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Understanding Your Doctor

We walk you through why your doctor might approach you 

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Decision Making

Recurring miscarriage can leave you feeling stuck. In this module, we walk you through practical tips for getting unstuck and how to make decisions that feel right for you. 

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Including Your Spouse

Building a family typically involves a partner. In this section we talk about how to involve your partner in decision making as well as practical tips on how to show support during difficult times. 

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How do you walk through grief? In this module we talk about the many ways grief can appear and how to deal with it.  We also include practical tips for avoiding triggers, things like how to handle baby showers and Mother’s Day.  

Moving Forward Resource & Community

Getting Help

You don’t need to go this alone. In this section we discuss the wide array of support and help that is available to you and help you identify areas where you most need help. 

Moving Forward Resource & Community

Fertility Preparation

What can you do to best prepare your body and mind for pregnancy? In this module we present multiple modalities and the pros and cons of each. 


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How to Support Your Spouse

Downloadable PDFs with tips and tricks for giving and receiving support from your spouse during the difficult path of recurrent miscarriage. 

Fertility Meal Plans

Did you know what you eat leading up to conception can make a big difference in egg & sperm quality? We are providing 90 days of mouthwatering, healthy meal plans that will optimize the fertility of both you and your partner. 

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Lab Tracker

Use this to tracker to organize, sort and quickly identify any gaps in your labwork.  

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