Ep67- Kerry Petsinger – Setting Goals for Yourself and with Your Partner After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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In episode #067, Kerry Petsinger shares her personal story of loss as well as her expertise as a high performance coach. Kerry has experienced 7 pregnancy losses, and she struggled with the roller coaster of grief for several years. It shook up her whole life, until she and her husband started to set goals unrelated to having a baby. Her mindset shifted, and she was finally able to have some excitement about their future again.

As a coach, Kerry has developed a research-based morning mindset routine – Mornings That Matter – to start each day feeling unstoppable. This 10-minute morning routine has transformed her life, as well as the lives of her clients. It helps people to overcome mental obstacles, navigate difficult times, and become the best versions of themselves.

Topics Discussed: clotting disorder, chromosome abnormality, ectopic pregnancy, grief after miscarriage, sleep disturbance after miscarriage, coping strategies after miscarriage, relationships after pregnancy loss, goal setting after pregnancy loss, morning routine

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