Miscarriage Hope Desk Podcast

Welcome to the Miscarriage Hope Desk Podcast where we have a new episode ever Monday.  Our episodes cover 2 topics-

1) Stories of Hope: interviews with real women who have walked the path of recurrent miscarriage 

2) Expert Interviews: talking with top doctors, therapists and other experts in the field of recurring pregnancy loss.  


Meet Our Podcast Host

Laura Bauder is a podcast strategist and the founder of PodcastHers Media. She encourages women to share their messages, as she had a powerful experience with podcasting following the birth of her rainbow baby in early 2019. A moment she had long awaited felt heavy, dark, and overwhelming.

For months, she grappled with the intense emotions and anxiety associated with postpartum depression before seeking help. One of the most healing aspects of this process was connecting with other women through the making of her podcast, Postpartum Perspectives.

Laura has a background in psychology and she truly believes that the best thing we as women can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to prioritize our own health and happiness.

Sharing our stories and supporting one another is transformational, and creating these communities is necessary for our continued wellness.

Laura lives in the Washington D.C. metro area with her husband and son, and she is honored to host and manage the Miscarriage Hope Desk podcast.

Laura Bauder Podcast Host

Listen to Our Podcast

Ep36- Jennifer Robertson – The Injustice of Miscarriage

Ep36- Jennifer Robertson – The Injustice of Miscarriage

In episode #036, Jennifer Robertson shares her personal story of pregnancy loss. Her fertility journey spanned seven years and included nine rounds of IVF. Jennifer had her first baby via a surrogate, and the surrogate had a miscarriage before having Jennifer's son....

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Ep32- Dr. Sunita Osborn – The Miscarriage Map

Ep32- Dr. Sunita Osborn – The Miscarriage Map

In episode #032, Dr. Sunita Osborn shares her personal story of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) as well as her professional expertise in reproductive psychology. She is a licensed psychologist and a writer, and she has training in all steps of the reproductive journey...

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