Ep 106 – Troy Duell – How the MTHFR Mutation and Proper Supplementation Impact Fertility

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In episode #106 Troy shares his expertise as the founder of a pharmaceutical company and his personal story experiencing infertility with his wife.

Troy has always been interested in health research, and he discovered the MTHFR mutation issue in 2010. He began a deep dive into this issue as it relates to fertility and pregnancy, and he was amazed by how many people are affected. With the right tests, it was discovered that his wife had the MTHFR mutation. Proper supplementation allowed her to get pregnant and they were able to have their second child.

We discuss the difference between folic acid and folate, how the MTHFR mutation affects fertility and pregnancy, and how proper folate supplementation can make a big difference.

References are listed below, and Troy is offering a discount code for your first bottle of prenatal vitamins from his company, Centurion Labs.

Topics Discussed: infertility, folic acid, folate, MTHFR mutation, prenatal vitamins

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