Ep 119 – 5 Reminders if You Are Struggling with Miscarriage During the Holidays

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In episode #119 Miscarriage Hope Desk founder, Allison Schaaf, shares 5 tips on handling the holidays after miscarriage.

1. You Are Not Alone

I know I felt alone when I first experienced pregnancy loss. That’s one of the reasons I started Miscarriage Hope Desk. There is comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this struggle. There is a community here to support you and you likely have people in your real life who are there to support you too.

Our Stories of Hope may be a helpful resource for you if you need a reminder that you are not alone.

You can also request to join our Facebook group.

2. Get Real with Yourself

I’ve been reading a book with daily devotionals after miscarriage. One thing it talks about is guilt. It asked the question, how to you blame yourself for losing your child? Logically, I know I’m not to blame, but that doesn’t always stop the thoughts and emotions around guilt.

I encourage you to take a step back and think through what might actually bother you or be uncomfortable i in the next few weeks. What is potentially going to trigger you during the holidays?

3. Set Boundaries and Learn to Say “No Thank You”

Once you’ve identified what might be triggering to you or what events you’re actually dreading, think through how you can set boundaries this season. That might mean skipping a holiday get-together or staying in a hotel rather than with family so you have plenty of time and space to yourself.

4. Self-Care

This is so individual but make sure you’re finding ways to include self-care in this busy season. I go into a lot of ideas for self-care during infertility in episode 75. I also went into self-care when you’re actively going through a miscarriage in episode 78.

5. You Are Enough

Take some time to reflect on this. If you like to journal, this may be a good journal prompt.

Having a mantra like this for a tough season can be really helpful. Other ideas include:

I am loved.

I am worthy.

Find something that works for you.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. We also released an episode called, “Hope for the Holidays” last year with messages from the Miscarriage Hope Desk community. This may be a good one to listen to right now.

Topics Discussed: miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, miscarriage and the holidays, self care, boundaries after miscarriage

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