Ep 129 – What to Expect from the Miscarriage Hope Desk Podcast in 2023

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Allison Schaaf shares what’s coming up for the Miscarriage Hope Desk podcast for the rest of 2023, including pregnancy after loss resources.

In episode #129, Miscarriage Hope Desk founder, Allison Schaaf, shares what’s coming up in 2023:

  • More Solo Episodes from Allison – our regular host, Laura Bauder, is pregnant! She’ll be taking some time postpartum and I’m looking forward to recording some additional episodes while she’s taking time for her family.
  • Pregnancy After Loss – We’ll be sharing a few episodes focused on pregnancy after loss. We have a brand new Pregnancy After Loss program. I designed this program when I was pregnant after multiple miscarriages. I really wanted to find a way to support women through the anxiety and uncertainty that can come when you’re expecting after loss. The podcast will feature a few episodes focused on pregnancy after loss.
  • My Recent Miscarriage – I’m also planning to share a miniseries on my most recent miscarriage, back in November. This will include my experience with cytotec. I also plan to do an episode on explaining loss to kids, which was a new layer of experience for me this time.
  • Moving Forward Program – I’m personally going through our Moving Forward program following my recent miscarriage. I plan to record a few episodes on that program and my experience.
  • Interviews – We also have a few more interviews that will air later in the year.

Please contact me with any topic ideas at [email protected] or through Instagram @miscarriagehopedesk


Laura’s Bauder’s Personal Story of Loss

Allison’s Experience with Loss:

Miscarriage Hope Desk aims to help women struggling with miscarriage, pregnancy loss and recurrent miscarriages (RPL), by providing the following resources-

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