Ep 130 – Pregnancy Mantras, Meditation, and Breathwork

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In episode 130, Allison Schaaf shares how pregnancy mantras, meditation and breath work helped her with pregnancy after loss.

In episode #130, Miscarriage Hope Desk founder, Allison Schaaf shares how mantras, meditation and breath work helped her prepare for pregnancy and find peace in pregnancy after loss.

Meditation for Pregnancy After Loss

I did a lot of meditation leading up to pregnancy. Several years ago, I did a training in transcendental meditation. I go back to this specific method from time to time but also find shorter meditation pockets to be more sustainable in busy seasons. I often do only 3-5 minutes and do more when I can. I’ve also started incorporating Holosync meditation, which uses bilateral stimulation (linked below!)

I continued using meditation during pregnancy as well, although it was harder when I had extreme morning sickness. The holosync tracks and guided meditations were more helpful for me in those times. I also have an Oura Ring that has some nice, free meditations in the app.

Pregnancy Mantras

Mantras, or Affirmations, are huge for me during pregnancy. Our pregnancy after loss program actually includes weekly suggested mantras to try. My favorite mantra during pregnancy though is, “today, I am pregnant”. This helps me focus on the present moment.

Breathwork for Pregnancy After Loss

I find breathwork specifically helpful when going through ultrasounds. Different breathing techniques helped me so much in the waiting room when I had anxiety before an ultrasound. I tried to always go in with a plan of some techniques I could use to help me be more positive.

Books for Pregnancy after Miscarriage

I talk more about this in our Pregnancy After Loss program but there are actually a lot of helpful books and journals out there, they can just be hard to find.


Therapy also helped me a lot, just knowing I had a session coming up each week.


Holosync Meditation Music

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