Ep148 – Adoption Process Steps, Considerations & Tips from Allison Schaaf

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MHD founder Allison Schaaf walks through the adoption process steps based on her own experience, including tips & key considerations.

In episode 148, Miscarriage Hope Desk founder Allison Schaaf shares her experience with the adoption process.

Here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind if you’re thinking of adopting:

Adoption Process Steps & Considerations

1. Find Someone Local to Talk to

Adoption laws and procedures vary by area. Ask around to find someone local to talk to if you can.

2. Domestic versus International

This is a big consideration but I don’t have a lot of expertise here as I’ve only experienced domestic adoption.

3. Who to work with

You’ll have to complete a home study and profile book and then work with someone, an adoption agency or consultancy or attorney, to adopt. We’re working with FAC, Faithful Adoption Consultants, right now.

4. Home Study Process

The entire home study process can take several months. Be prepared for a lot of paperwork and remember that this process is in place to protect children. I find that perspective helps. I try to get started right away on the more time consuming parts of the process, like the background check. Setting up a physical can also take awhile. You also need to consider that the home study paperwork needs to be completed for all adults living in the house.

5. Letters of Reference

Start asking for reference letters early so people aren’t rushed.

6. Profile Book

This is basically a photo book showing your family. It’s a way to present your family as an option to the birth mom. I recommend having a photo shoot because there are lots of specific photos required. There are photographers who specifically create profile books for adoption which can be really helpful. I recommend starting this as soon as possible because it can take awhile to get the photos back.

7. Applications

After the home study, you’ll fill out applications with adoption agencies.

8. Speak up

If you have questions, make sure to speak up. No one else is going to make sure that you’re doing everything you need to do so you have to take that on.


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