Ep31- Myriam Steinberg – Single Motherhood by Choice: The Catalogue Baby Journey

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In episode #031, Myriam shares her personal experience with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). At age 40, she started her journey to motherhood as a single mother by choice. What she thought would be an easy path to carrying a pregnancy to term turned out to be quite the opposite and included recurrent miscarriages. She went through seven IUIs, three IVF cycles, and two double donor cycles before finally having her twins through her fifth pregnancy.

Because of her experience with infertility and recurring miscarriages, Myriam decided to write a graphic novel called “Catalogue Baby: A Memoir of (In)fertility”. She hopes it will be helpful to other women going through similar experiences of multiple miscarriages, as well as to their support network so they better understand what their friend/partner/acquaintance might be going through.

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