Ep44- Miscarriage Triggers – Mother’s Day Edition w/ Miscarriage Hope Desk Founder, Allison Schaaf

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In episode #044, Miscarriage Hope Desk Founder, Allison Schaaf, returns for a solo episode. She talks about how miscarriage and pregnancy loss can be a traumatic event and steps to help deal with that trauma. She discusses her experience with miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage and how she dealt with triggers, including Mother’s Day.

Allison’s experience with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) inspired her to create the Moving Forward program for women struggling with miscarriages. In this episode she discusses details of this program, including pieces on grieving, decision making, choosing a path and preparation. To join the Moving Forward program, go to MiscarriageHopeDesk.com/enroll

Miscarriage Hope Desk aims to help women struggling with miscarriage and recurrent miscarriages, by providing the following resources-

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