Ep53- Allison Schaaf – Celebrating 1 Year of Miscarriage Hope Desk Podcast

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In episode #053, Allison Schaaf, founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk shares her reflections on the inaugural year of both the podcast and other resources offered through Miscarriage Hope Desk. She also dives into a personal update after her recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and how she is handling next steps and questions as it relates to continuing to build her family and potential future pregnancies and what that looks like after going through recurring pregnancy loss and multiple miscarriages. She also discusses where Miscarriage Hope Desk is headed in the next year, including how to support women with pregnancy after loss and miscarriage.

Links in this Episode

Highlights from the first year of Miscarriage Hope Desk include

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CONTACT – If you have suggestions or feedback, related to miscarriage, recurring miscarriages, or recurrent pregnancy loss, [email protected]


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