Ep62- Kim Davis – Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Related to Low Progesterone

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In episode #062, Kim Davis shares her story of personal loss. She is the mother of two children, but she and her husband struggled for over four years with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. When their first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage, the months of bleeding and heartache that followed was a traumatic experience.

When they sought support from a fertility specialist after several months of not getting pregnant, it was determined that Kim had low progesterone and ovulated early in her cycle. They became pregnant again, and suffered the loss of twins in the first trimester.

We discuss Kim’s decision to continue to try for a baby, the need to grieve and heal from a loss, and the feelings that may arise for the partner coping with a miscarriage.

Topics Discussed: low progesterone, blighted ovum, missed miscarriage, early ovulation, natural miscarriage, D & C, dilation and curettage, twin pregnancy loss, recurrent miscarriage, infertility, fertility testing, fertility specialist, pregnancy after miscarriage, relationships and miscarriage

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