Ep69- Catherine Valle Taylor – Pregnancy Loss in the Second Trimester

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In episode #069, Catherine Valle Taylor shares how she honored her angel baby with a children’s book. She lost her daughter, Ava Jean, at 19 weeks and 1 day. Catherine chose to deliver her daughter, and it gave her and her husband a lot of closure. In addition, they were able to have autopsy results which suggested a chromosomal abnormality had contributed to the late loss. It has been two years since their loss, and they are just beginning to feel like themselves again.

Catherine shares how her book, Ava Jean’s Wings, came to be. She also talks about her coping strategies and how she remained sober while dealing with extreme grief. Finally, we discuss the hesitancy to try again after a pregnancy loss, and how she and her husband are navigating their feelings surrounding this trauma

Topics Discussed: second trimester miscarriage, chromosomal abnormality, coping with miscarriage, memorializing children who are not with us, hesitancy to try again after pregnancy loss, miscarriage as trauma

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